About Us

Bona Once Bona Twice Drums is a cc which manufacturers 210L steel drums both open top and tight head drums.

The company was founded by Ishmael Kunene in 1986 and was operates Bisha Bitsha Drums cc, which grew to be a force in the industry and in anticipation of black empowerment the company was amalgamated with five other Drum companies to form what was subsequently became Enviro Drums after an acquisition by Enviroserv.

As one of the directors of Envirodrum, Ishmael was very instrumental in founding the South African Drum Reconditioning Association , and the recognition of this association through International Confederation Of Container Re-conditioners. He has served for three years as chair person and became the mouth of re conditioners in matters of the environment and the recognition of the industry by the public. He has travelled extensively for workshops and conferences abroad and this has brought exposure and experience of different plants in USA, EUROPE, AISA and AUSTRALIA. This is where the idea of Cradle to Grave was observed through manufacturing, reconditioning and destruction of the drum.

In 2001 he resigned from his directorship to start BOBT Drums which is 100% black owned. When the opportunity presented itself in 2006 he did not hesitate to take it with both hands and hence the new drum plant was established for the niche market and to fulfil the long outstanding dream of Cradle to Grave syndrome.

To date Bona Once Bona Twice Drums is the pride of Ekurhuleni as it has been the first black owned 1986, to recondition and also the first black company to produce new drums in 2007. We currently have a staff complement of 42 full time employees and seasonally hire part time labor based on the demand. We are currently aiming to employ more as the country try’s to turn the tide in the economy. In God we trust and the rest is upon us to work and satisfy our clients.

Bona Once Bona Twice (BOBT) Drums cc is Proudly South African


BBBEE – Broad Based Black Economic Empowerment

Bona Once Bona Twice (BOBT) Drums cc is a LEVEL 1 BBBEE Contributor

Bona Once Bona Twice (BOBT) Drums cc is committed to increasing supplier diversification based on sound economic principles of the society within which it operates.

Bona Once Bona Twice (BOBT) Drums cc actively seeks businesses that are representatives of black owned enterprises.